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A general purpose epoxy adhesive which is packed as a two component product comprising a resin and hardener.  The mixed paste may be used to fill, seal, coat and bond surfaces such as concrete and plaster

A  mouldable twin pack epoxy which sets to a rock hard compound used in numerous applications.  Epoxy Putty has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including metal, ceramics, wood, glass, marble and most rigid materials.

Epoxy Steel - Rapid Set  is a steel powder filled twin pack epoxy adhesive which gives metal strength bonds.  It bonds well to almost all hard surfaces and has excellent adhesion to steel, cast iron, aluminium, concrete, wood, glass, brick and stone.

An epoxy based twin pack product which cures to give a hard and clear permanent bond within a few minutes.  Adheres well to a variety of  items and materials such as glass, wood, metal, ornaments, tea cups etc.

epoxy steel 20ml
epoxy adh paste 250ml
rapid set epoxy clear20ml
epoxy putty blister2