Multi-Purpose Adhesive is a rubber based adhesive which bonds to a wide range of materials to give strong clear bonds.  It bonds well to paper, wood, rubber, leather, metal, felt, canvas, plaster, fabric, ceramic, brick, stone and some plastics

Our PVC Cement is a one component solvent based polyurethane which attacks PVC to give a cemented strong bond. Does not contain the harmful furan solvent.  Has excellent permanent bonding and cementing properties to PVC rigid pipes and shoe soles.

Super Contact Adhesive is a solvent based rubber adhesive specially formulated to give lasting bonds for many substrates.  The contact adhesive contains no toluene and gives clear high strengths bonds.

Fort-tite Super Glue is a super methyl acrylate based high strength adhesive.  The glue has excellent adhesion to most materials including ceramic, rubber, metal, glass, fabric and stone.

Our top-class Wood Glue is a one component PVA based adhesive which cures to give strong and clear bonds on all types of wood.  The glue comes in various sizes conveniently packaged.

Cornice Adhesive is a high strength pre-mixed acrylic paste adhesive specially formulated to bond polystyrene tiles, roses and lightweight wall tiles – to most construction substrates such as cement, gypsum, plaster, polyurethane, polystyrene, painted surfaces and wood.  FORTSEAL Cornice Adhesive is highly flexible and will not crack over time.

cornice adh 5kg
multipurpose adh 100ml
pvc cement 500ml
wood glue 5litres
wood glue 1litre
super contact adh 1litre
super contact adh 100ml
super glue3ml
super glue 20g

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